Strainer [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Strainer:

It seemed to persist in declining to pass through the strainer.

Then dish, on a folded112 napkin; or on a strainer, if sauce is poured over it.

Clear some ripe elder-berries from the stalks, bake them in covered jars for two hours, and squeeze the juice through a strainer.

A piece of blue glass, for instance, acts as a sort of strainer.

When done, drain it in a strainer, put it in the tureen, and pour the soup on to it.

If strained when very hot it is apt to unsolder the strainer.

One of these sacks was used as a combined dish and strainer when they boiled their rice.

Force the yolks through a strainer on top of the sauce on the toast.

Lay the fish with its back downward, on the strainer of the kettle.

Pass through a strainer, and bottle; cork well, and dip the ends in resin.