Straitlaced [adjective]

Definition of Straitlaced:


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Sentence/Example of Straitlaced:

He was not straitlaced, or mealy-mouthed, or overburthened with scruples.

I don't think I'm more prejudiced or straitlaced than you: I think I'm less.

A few people are straitlaced, and a good many feel they have been taken in.

It is a cold, insipid style of beauty, at the best; and she is as self-willed and as straitlaced as a lady abbess.

Although Daneford was not a straitlaced city, there was a good deal of solid propriety in the character of its people.

Inclined too much to melancholy, and a trifle too straitlaced for his advanced age, perhaps.

Why had Cliffe been invited by these very respectable and straitlaced people the Grosvilles?