Straits [noun]

Definition of Straits:

crisis, difficulty

Synonyms of Straits:

Opposite/Antonyms of Straits:

Sentence/Example of Straits:

I hope I would have done at least as much for any man in such a strait, and most of all for you, sir.

They expected to capture him on his return through the Strait of Magellan.

In every strait of his life he went to her for comfort or advice.

At least, my father is doing his mighty best to make things so hard and strait.

The western opening of the strait could be seen, but it was entirely closed.

Besides, in such a strait our horses may fail us, and refuse the ground.

The Strait vanished and there were tumbled hills below them.

It carried the Holyhead high-road across the strait, and was built by Telford.

There might be such a strait as that through which the galatea was gliding.

From Behring's Strait to the Gulf they can easily be traced.