Strakes [verb]

Definition of Strakes:

make a line on

Synonyms of Strakes:

Opposite/Antonyms of Strakes:


Sentence/Example of Strakes:

In the language of scripture, "we strake sail, and so were driven."

Yes, Strake,” said Roylance, “promotion for every one but the poor midshipman.

Would a bucket of sea-water revive him to make him tell us, Strake?

“Well done, Strake,” cried Syd, making a snatch at the line.

Yes, Strake, and each man has a glass, and those very instructions.

Syd went off and communicated the result of his conversation to Roylance and Strake.

Surely the sun has not power enough to light the charge, Strake.

Strake gave his quid a turn, rubbed his ear, and walked back.

I say, Strake,” cried Syd, “why should not some of the men fish?

“Says as Mr Roylance is to take command, sir,” shouted Strake.