Stranded [adjective]

Definition of Stranded:

marooned, abandoned

Synonyms of Stranded:

Opposite/Antonyms of Stranded:


Sentence/Example of Stranded:

At Zierikzee, in Zeeland, a whale has been stranded by a high tide and a gale of wind.

Strolling along the sands one day, he observed a stranded cuttlefish.

They were stranded, as it were, on some reef above a dense void.

Then the stage broke down and I began to think I was stranded at Bayport.

How stranded your friends must have been for a topic when they talked of me!

The sight of the stranded yacht shook his confidence completely.

In and around and over all these stranded hulls roared the opposing forces.

What is it, Ned; a fishing shanty, a stranded whale, or what?

There were eight in their party, while the stranded aviators numbered but three.

Dubberley sat completely demoralised, palpitating like a stranded frog.