Strands [noun]

Definition of Strands:

fine thread

Synonyms of Strands:

Opposite/Antonyms of Strands:


Sentence/Example of Strands:

She averted her head, plucking at the strands of the hammock.

"My blundering vision could not see how the strands were being woven," he added.

It is wrapped with strands of hair from the first mother of man.

He pulled hard at the strands in a hurried endeavour to finish his knot.

These she knotted end to end, and afterwards twisted them like the strands of a cord.

Then he closed his arm a little more, and the four strands of cord snapped.

In the other, the circumstances are woven together like the strands of a rope.

My knife was on the rope and I severed the strands with desperate strength.

We are the strands of the cable that binds the Old World to the New.

The strands were soft and silky; they held rather by persuasion than by force.