Strangeness [noun]

Definition of Strangeness:


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Sentence/Example of Strangeness:

All that surrounds him—all that belongs to him, is strangeness and mystery!

But the strangeness and wonder were under the long eyelids, and in the woman's hands.

The strangeness of his answering voice only repeated the stab of fear.

His voice had a mumbling quality and I noticed the strangeness in his eyes.

I went back to Flavia and Sapt, pondering on the strangeness of the man.

Yet strangeness is not to be considered as a legitimate source of pleasure.

And Vere was involved in her mother's strangeness, and had her own strangeness too.

Only when she was out-of-doors did she fully realize the strangeness of the night.

Ken did so, knowing what to expect; but even so he was surprised by the strangeness of the scene.

There was about it all a strangeness that set my wits to work in a mighty busy fashion.