Stranglehold [noun]

Definition of Stranglehold:


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Sentence/Example of Stranglehold:

The smaller the group the tighter its stranglehold over your life and activities.

It gave them such a stranglehold––with the right sort of men––and Brace was the right sort.

Mrs. Trapes, I've got a stranglehold on that idea, for it is rather brilliant.

The Party manipulators had now got their stranglehold on the country.

Then, indeed, the Lhari had been lying all along, the vicious lie that maintained their stranglehold monopoly of star-travel.

And just for one moment he hoped that as Death secured its stranglehold the dead creature had recognized his.

I leaped at the smother of bodies, ripped one away with a stranglehold, slashed at its throat.

He reached for the arm around his neck and began breaking it free from its stranglehold.