Strangler [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Strangler:

The youth was close upon the midnight strangler, stooping low.

When he pulled on them both, the strangler's cord came away in his hand.

The first point gained, the Strangler could act more freely.

"What you feel is a strangler's cord," the thief said grimly.

He said two words to the Strangler, and drew a revolver from beneath his jacket.

It was the Strangler, and he called out a few words to Saya Chone.

I was anxious to see what manner of man was "The Strangler of Finland."

My unexpected resistance led the strangler to bungle the rope.

She was strangling love, and that is a desperate deed, and the strangler suffers more than love.

And various grewsome objects, a card case of human skin, and the twisted scarf used by a strangler.