Strapped [adjective]

Definition of Strapped:


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Sentence/Example of Strapped:

Smithy climbed into the rear cockpit and strapped himself in.

Leaving the horse to run steadily on the road he strapped himself with the gun.

This she strapped down so tightly that, for the time at least, the bleeding was staunched.

Her books she had strapped to the saddle-horn; there was a yellow slicker at the cantle.

Our chaplain took it from him and had it strapped to his saddle-bag.

The elderly scientist was strapped down tight, but he was smiling.

I couldn't lose my satchel, you see, for its strapped on me.

At the end of three hours I asked Dan for the harness, which he strapped to my shoulders.

I strapped on my knapsack at once, and stepped into the little boat.

He pulled up the leg of his pyjamas to exhibit the strapped knife.