Stratosphere [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Stratosphere:

It took only one, fifty miles up in the stratosphere, to destroy all New York.

Suppose you do encounter some intelligence in the stratosphere?

This idea of denizens of the stratosphere has attacked the popular imagination.

For Kress was to land right here when, and if, he had conquered the stratosphere.

What had been done to him by the—the denizens of the stratosphere?

The surface of this stratosphere substance was slippery smooth.

They didn't wish to take a chance on stepping off into the stratosphere—and eternity.

He, of all the "lords of the stratosphere," seemed to possess endless courage.

They knew about where the stratosphere had swallowed up Jeter and Eyer.

Plainly it was the dwelling place of these strange conquerors of the stratosphere.