Stratum [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Stratum:

The other stratum of McClellanism (p. 191) is composed of intriguers.

The "blue lead" is a stratum of blue clay very rich in gold.

In this genus the stratum of the pores is not easily separated from the cap.

Nobody but Alston, in their stratum at least, had come in person.

On top of each one is a stratum of sandstone or dark-gray shale.

If there is soil in the sand, it will appear as a stratum of mud on top of the sand.

It may be carried too far, and the fables of the vulgar have often a stratum of truth at the bottom.

By increasing the thickness of the stratum we may absorb the whole of the light.

What a God-send for us that there happens to be, just here, this stratum of soft sand.

And it, too, had been left in a stratum where all else was destroyed.