Stray [adjective]

Definition of Stray:

abandoned, wandering

Synonyms of Stray:

Opposite/Antonyms of Stray:


Sentence/Example of Stray:

It is present in all his works, in stray letters and detached passages.

Her thoughts could not stray far from the letter and—from other things!

He did not propose to have his plans spoiled by these stray guests.

As much to me as if a stray, migratory mule had rambled into the wood and found me, and I him.

I am such a waif and stray everywhere, that I am liable to be drifted where any current may set.'

We think vaguely of the wild dog as if he had run away, like the stray cat.

He was always a little demon of fury when he chanced upon a stray ptarmigan.

A sad-looking wreck it was, too, as a result of a stray shell.

Had he heard from some stray Indian that Spurling was an outlaw, with a price upon his head?

She was tucking in the stray wisps as the captain, with Bos'n in his arms, came up.