Straying [adjective]

Definition of Straying:


Synonyms of Straying:

Opposite/Antonyms of Straying:


Sentence/Example of Straying:

There must be no chance of straying, since they were sold, and liable for transport at any moment.

But where are we straying to,—what part of the town have we got into?

People were straying by, seeming to drift under the dark trees.

Its straying about and cant find its way back to its place in the sky.

He detected the first signs of straying, and beckoned us back to the flock.

And they forgot all their troubles, the wicked stewards, and the straying swine.

We may now attach other straying symbols as holding them in mind.

The eyes half closed for a moment, straying away from the soldiers.

They effectually prevented the cattle, however, from straying in their direction.

At night we had enough to do to keep our valuable cattle from straying.