Streaked [adjective]

Definition of Streaked:

having streaks

Synonyms of Streaked:

Opposite/Antonyms of Streaked:


Sentence/Example of Streaked:

"Seven yards windage, Hal," said one, whose hair was streaked with gray.

A pale scar, the mark of an old wound, streaked his left temple.

She is dull in color and streaked like the grass among which she lives.

Stan was dressed in a wrinkled and soiled outfit that was streaked with mud.

Their faces were drawn, grey and streaked with the dried salt sprays.

He had worked hard, and his face and hands were streaked with black.

It escaped, too, from the streaked eyes that looked at Tolliver as if through a veil.

His pard plugged him through the head, streaked out, got lost, died.

Then Zelaya threw some earth on Ruth's feet and streaked her limbs with the same.

His face was streaked with coal dust and his clothing was ragged and dirty.