Streams [noun]

Definition of Streams:

small river

Synonyms of Streams:

Opposite/Antonyms of Streams:


Sentence/Example of Streams:

"Streams may spring from one source, and yet some be clear and some be foul," quoth she quickly.

He took refuge under the Rain-rock, for it soon poured in streams from the sky.

I crossed all of these streams and saw some of them for several miles above the mouth.

There are six streams flowing into Grand Lake, instead of only one.

Rivers and streams that entered the main river he forded or swam.

But the forests were gone, the streams enslaved by the power monopolies.

She was lying motionless, and the blood was pouring in streams from her wound.

And the effect of the action of torrents.furrowed by the descent of streams.

Their joy was great when they came to the three other streams.

It is quite plentiful along the streams of Ross county, Ohio.