Strengthened [verb]

Definition of Strengthened:

make more forceful, powerful

Synonyms of Strengthened:

Opposite/Antonyms of Strengthened:

Sentence/Example of Strengthened:

The influences of religion have been multiplied and strengthened.

As our population has expanded, the Union has been cemented and strengthened.

"Hamlet" is a drama of pathetic weakness, strengthened by a drama of revenge and jealousy.

The cashier's hand had been strengthened by Crane's contribution of evidence.

The framework is of bamboo, strengthened and held taut with wire guys.

This dislike had been strengthened by the chance meeting in the lane.

His body had been strengthened and his nerves steadied while he slept.

When we are well on with our meal, when you are strengthened with food and drink, then you may begin.

Time and absence have but strengthened the chain that binds us.

There were reasons for its increase; it had grown and strengthened gradually.