Strenuous [adjective]

Definition of Strenuous:

difficult; requiring hard work

Synonyms of Strenuous:

Opposite/Antonyms of Strenuous:

Sentence/Example of Strenuous:

Yours must be the spirit of the times, strenuous, complex, democratic.

Some say, idly, that religion is losing her hold in these strenuous days.

This became too strenuous for him, however, and the line was jerked out of his hands.

I had never dreamed before how strenuous men's lives could be.

Among the most strenuous objectors to the proposal was Queen Victoria.

Alas for this infirm faith, this will not strenuous, this vast ebb of a vast flow!

It is potential, not actual, and can only be appropriated by strenuous exertion.

The two days and nights following Ezra's departure had been strenuous and provoking.

Others may yearn for the strenuous life, but not your humble servant.

He had seen the need for strenuous work and for righteousness.