Stressed [verb]

Definition of Stressed:

accentuate, emphasize

Synonyms of Stressed:

Opposite/Antonyms of Stressed:

Sentence/Example of Stressed:

The Captain was taken aback by these three words, which Mr. Blood had stressed.

There are no silent letters, and all syllables are stressed equally.

Religion, on the other hand, has stressed mystery and accepted it in its own terms.

The need of emotional preparedness for marriage must be stressed.

All of which stressed the beauty he had noticed the day before.

What characteristics of personality are stressed in this definition?

Verbs with this affix always have a stressed final syllable.

But there is always the chance that if I have minimized, they might have stressed a little unduly.

“And a promise always should be kept,” Mr. Hatfield stressed.

It must be stressed that no evidence of any such kiln exists.