Stresses [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Stresses:

We give you the job of figuring out the stresses and strains involved.

Or again she would revive all the stresses before our marriage.

Then something happens so that the strains and stresses of the crust are released.

Or rather, we may say, Nicolai stresses the influence of Kant's dualism of the reasons.

Let the intervals and stresses be slowly and distinctly given.

The stresses in the web are greatest at the ends of the span.

They are under stresses now as harsh at least as the stresses of France.

Touching the door, without opening it, you could feel the stresses, the power pushing in and waiting to crush you.

The writer handles this metre skilfully; the stresses coincide generally with the natural accent and the rhymes are good.

The parts in direct compression will, however, take the stresses safely provided the following conditions are carefully observed.