Stretched [verb]

Definition of Stretched:

extend, elongate

Synonyms of Stretched:

Opposite/Antonyms of Stretched:

Sentence/Example of Stretched:

He sat down in a chair, and stretched out his legs, with an air of being at home.

Round this a piece of leather is stretched and dressed with emery.

The man was stretched on the pavement brutishly drunk and dead to the world.

But before he knew, Mark had stretched his arms to Hester, and was out of his into hers.

But she stretched out her arms to him, and drew him to her bosom.

But after a week or two her nerves were stretched taut as a string.

Taku-Wakin stood up and stretched out his hand to the Council.

He stretched the word out, giving it a little different turn.

Faust is holding out Lauzanne, and stretched me half a point about the mare.

Stoliker stretched his arms wearily above his head when he was released.