Strewn [verb]

Definition of Strewn:


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Sentence/Example of Strewn:

It was strewn with pink buds; some just opening into beauty, some half-blown.

At the impetuous outflinging of her hands, the floor was strewn with pink petals.

The hallways were strewn with straw and the litter of packing.

The steamer's deck was covered with ice, over which sand had been strewn.

The trackside was strewn with disemboweled whitewood barrels.

White's own papers which he had left behind were strewn about.

In the three small rooms the floor was strewn with fragments of the broken furniture.

And the wreckage of their size-change mechanisms was strewn among them.

There was a point where the stony slope above the bank was strewn with them.

Offal and carrion were strewn all about the place; it swarmed with flies.