Striated [verb]

Definition of Striated:

streak; marked with parallel bands; grooved

Synonyms of Striated:

Opposite/Antonyms of Striated:


Sentence/Example of Striated:

His striated eyeballs had a vitreous look; they were as hard as marbles.

The striated muscle is "the most perfect dynamo we know of" (Verworn).

Some species are striated, ribbed, or tuberculated, but the generality are smooth.

It is at first ovate or bell-shaped, then expanding; striated.

These muscles are not striated, as they are in the Arthropoda.

The limbs and thorax are well furnished with striated muscles.

He was an elderly man with a swollen nose, striated with purple veins.

The right side is striated, the left arched and without markings.

The cuticle is not striated and the body plasm is quite transparent.

There are the same moraines, striated rocks, and bowlders that have evidently traveled from their home up the valley.