Striations [noun]

Definition of Striations:

line, strip

Synonyms of Striations:

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Sentence/Example of Striations:

In many cases, also, the striation is not confined to the apertures, but spreads over the whole cortical layer.

In the shape and striation of the valves there is an approach to Cymbella.

The present form is smaller but corresponds in puncta and striation.

The blocks are in a measure rounded off, but I have found no striation on them.

It was far enough from the fog-flares for the last least trace of striation to have vanished.

The planation and striation of a stone need not be confined to its under surface.

In the form here figured the striation is as stated by De Toni, but is about 19 at the ends.

The striation of the cones is still present, but is not nearly so clear as it was in the earlier stage.

The appearance of striation may on this hypothesis be explained as due to the presence of granules in the protoplasm.

In the next stage oral movements occur; the striation becomes more marked, and the outer envelope is cast off (c).