Strictness [noun]

Definition of Strictness:


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Sentence/Example of Strictness:

You know how I often rebelled against the strictness of life here.

In strictness, the soul does not respect men as it respects itself.

Probably this strictness of discipline was a good thing for the small boy.

In strictness, style has only one virtue, clearness; only one vice, obscurity.

I hate all kind of strictness, and duty, and self-denying, and that kind of thing.

Believe that my strictness shall endure no longer than is necessary.

He did not punish capriciously, nor terrify them by anything worse than his strictness.

He was not in strictness a prisoner; but who could trust to the caprice of these lawless men?

She ruled her brood with the utmost coolness and strictness.

This is noteworthy; this is right: yet in strictness it is only an illusion.