Strides [verb]

Definition of Strides:

walk purposefully

Synonyms of Strides:

Opposite/Antonyms of Strides:


Sentence/Example of Strides:

Before 21 Wallenstein (rises and strides across the saloon).

Six strides of the horse into the darkness and Kate's hysteria was gone.

He halted in his strides, and looked over his shoulder, impudently.

Lambert crossed the little room in two strides and looked out.

He took four or five strides and then, halting, faced about.

Three strides brought his horse to a ledge fully six feet high.

He went on in the darkness for another three strides, and then fell.

Vishnu, the active, traverses the universe with three strides.

But Monroe in two strides was beside the table where it lay.

He pushes past the girl, and strides into the inner apartment.