Striding [verb]

Definition of Striding:

walk purposefully

Synonyms of Striding:

Opposite/Antonyms of Striding:


Sentence/Example of Striding:

"I will," said Yates shortly, striding to the horses' heads.

Now let us have a look at our captive, he said, striding over.

At the same time Aristide was striding about at home in an uneasy manner.

The Colonel, striding furiously forward, observed two things.

Already I was striding to the door, when the Gascon called me back.

And striding to the door he beat his hands together and called Lanciotto.

He had arisen and, with hands behind his back, was striding to and fro.

Delcassé was on his feet, striding savagely up and down the room.

Delcassé was out of his chair, striding up and down the room.

And he said, striding at me with open palms: 'There is no God to hold me!