Stringency [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Stringency:

As the stringency increased, the attack on the clergy gained in ferocity.

It caused embarrassment and stringency, but no wreck or ruin.

Armstrong did not take his eyes off him, nor did the stringency of their gaze relax.

We know them, in short, by their stringency,—and by a happy experience of their power.

Then will follow measures that will do good in proportion to their stringency.

Yet there was a difference in the severity of the rules and the stringency of their application.

It is excess of stringency to bind Harry definitely to particular months.

He reminds them of the stringency of the conditions, but does not condemn the idea.

Pickering's was refurnished, and the stringency of its rules re-established.

The war has intensified the stringency; so has feminine fashion.