Stringent [adjective]

Definition of Stringent:

rigid, tight

Synonyms of Stringent:

Opposite/Antonyms of Stringent:

Sentence/Example of Stringent:

The army was to be reinforced and a stringent conscription was talked of.

These stringent measures were not, however, put into effect at once.

The stringent protectionists and the free-traders strike hands.

The time has not yet come for stringent orders in these cases.

Lastly, we have here a piece of stringent practical direction.

The law is stringent and I was going to invoke it in your case.

You'll employ tact before you have recourse to stringent measures.

Prompt and stringent measures saved the victim—but only just.

It was a situation where only prompt and stringent measures could avail.

Or, you are either too harsh and stringent, or the very reverse.