Stringing [verb]

Definition of Stringing:

bring into harmony

Synonyms of Stringing:

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Sentence/Example of Stringing:

From sea to sea there was stringing of bows in the cottage and clang of steel in the castle.

How do I know who all these women folks are you're stringing off to me?

Soon she perceived, however, that he was stringing them together on a new thread.

"Thirty fathom," said Dan, stringing a salt clam on to the hook.

In and out among the stars; it sounds like a plan for stringing the stars.

There's some gink been walking on ahead of us stringing the cord out for us to follow!

And he found that he could memorize the laws while he was stringing beads.

Hawkins pleaded pathetically, when he saw me stringing on a bunch of gentles.

A good sort for stringing, and of excellent quality when ripe.

I was stringing beads for a new sash for your father, and your sisters are too small to help me.