Striping [verb]

Definition of Striping:

mark, stain

Synonyms of Striping:

Opposite/Antonyms of Striping:

Sentence/Example of Striping:

Window sashes can be indicated by striping the glass with black paint.

The joints may be accentuated by striping with white or black paint.

The striping, corner pieces, etc., are done on the flat color.

This comprises a difficult and skilled feature of the art of striping.

Specimen 16-1225 has striping in the same colors and to it is seamed a piece with blue on a reddish-orange ground.

The moon had risen, flooding the yacht with white light and striping the deck with the clear-cut, black shadows of the stanchions.

But no cry for mercy escaped him as the cruel whips of raw-hide fell upon his emaciated form, striping it until the blood spurted.

Before her eyes there was a striping of light on darkness; still a moon between the trees.

The animal is not much spotted and striped, but the striping in the young is much more marked.

It will be remembered that the striping and spotting of the Hyaenas is very Genet- and Suricate-like.