Stripling [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Stripling:

Why is it that Bacchus is always a stripling, and bushy-haired?

So, stripling as he was, the lad faced the rascals with the courage of a lion.

He was flat and slim in the waist as any stripling might have been.

Was this stripling of newfound liberty to possess the very earth?

Then it was Ugh-lomi, the stripling, proved himself to have come to man's estate.

A volunteer of the first-class, and a general epithet for a stripling in the service.

How could this stripling have learned what he had taken such pains to conceal?

Why, sir, in our taking this English stripling along with us on the morrow?

I cared not much for that, for surely I was a match for the stripling we meant to chase.

He is a stripling; and says he has urgent business to communicate to you alone.