Stripping [verb]

Definition of Stripping:

remove clothes erotically

Synonyms of Stripping:

Opposite/Antonyms of Stripping:


Sentence/Example of Stripping:

As Madden kicked off his clothes, he observed Caradoc stripping likewise.

To lend herself to stripping herself was not the part of a selfish woman.

He tore at his flanks with both hands in the idea, I suppose, of stripping for a swim.

“Pure premonition,” she explained, stripping the gloves from her hands.

Before him the priest was stripping the robe from the girl at his feet.

It is lucky that everyone has been so busy since we took her that no one has thought of stripping it.

Bob Johnson was stripping a stalk of alfalfa in his fingers.

This is done by first stripping off its cover, if it has one.

He was accused of stripping these unfortunate persons of their clothes.

They were across on the edge of a clearing, and were stripping the bushes.