Strode [verb]

Definition of Strode:

walk purposefully

Synonyms of Strode:

Opposite/Antonyms of Strode:


Sentence/Example of Strode:

He grew pale with passion, turned on his heel, and strode away.

He flung out of the room on to the terrace and strode away in a rage.

He smote his palm with his clenched fist and strode about the little room.

He strode past Mart into the wretched room, and looked at the bed in the corner.

The old soldiers and Hordle John strode off together in all good fellowship.

Macdonald strode to the forge and took out the bar of white-hot iron.

Peter strode to him and grasped his arm with one hand, while with the other he seized the lamp.

Then he thought better of it, and, with a muttered curse, strode past them.

With that, Philip pushed aside the lawyer and strode on rapidly.

With that Philip took up his bundle and strode from the house.