Stroked [verb]

Definition of Stroked:

pat lengthwise

Synonyms of Stroked:

Opposite/Antonyms of Stroked:

Sentence/Example of Stroked:

He sat still, just lifting the root of his tail as you stroked him.

He stroked the cat, poked the fire, had his lunch served to him there.

Then he sat down in the big chair, taking Mary there too, and stroked her cheek.

She stroked the sleek necks of the colts and handed them bunches of grass.

She reached out a long hand toward Marion's cat and stroked it.

Kirsty stooped, and stroked and patted him as if he were the dog he seemed fain to be.

Upon this I stroked my hair: I knew quite well what she meant.

Then she put her hand up and stroked his cheek and ruffled his hair.

Calmar Bye stroked a long, thin face with a long, thin hand.

And he stroked his chin, as he blinkingly consulted the other members of the party.