Strolled [verb]

Definition of Strolled:

walk along lazily

Synonyms of Strolled:

Opposite/Antonyms of Strolled:



Sentence/Example of Strolled:

It was a long conversation the friends had as they strolled along that evening.

It was Sunday, and he had strolled into a church or meeting-house—does it matter which?

They strolled together up the road past him, absorbed in themselves.

When he saw the Leopard Woman he arose and strolled in her direction.

As we strolled about we came upon groups of students at work.

Charmides and the slave went over and strolled along its banks.

And he strolled away on the country-road, without a look behind.

But the evening is so lovely, I have strolled further than I meant at first.

He left the theatre and strolled across to the Fifth Avenue.

Onward he strolled for a long time, but other adventure he found not.