Strolling [verb]

Definition of Strolling:

walk along lazily

Synonyms of Strolling:

Opposite/Antonyms of Strolling:



Sentence/Example of Strolling:

Lorenzi and the Marchesa were strolling in the dusk across the greensward.

He went by Fulham and Putney, for the pleasure of strolling over the heath.

"Tell me some of them," said Vernon, strolling along by her side.

I had bathed and breakfasted, and was strolling on the bright quays.

Strolling along the sands one day, he observed a stranded cuttlefish.

Like his father, he felt a dislike for taverns and Sunday strolling.

Maurice devoted the afternoon of the 21st to strolling about the camp in search of news.

Now he was strolling out to have a pipe, and to see what we were about.

"Nice boy, Tommy," said East, shoving his hands into his pockets and strolling to the fire.

Ah, if only he were strolling along the Boulevards, looking into this face and that!