Stronger [adjective]

Definition of Stronger:

healthy, powerful

Synonyms of Stronger:

Opposite/Antonyms of Stronger:

Sentence/Example of Stronger:

The Turkish Umpire stronger than at any time since the Crimean war.

Meaning what we mean, he required a stronger, fiercer vocabulary than we ever need.

She therefore continued her look, but had no need to force it, for she knew she was the stronger.

The tongue is a fire, but there is a stronger fire than the tongue.

But now with every sip of wine the temptation came stronger and stronger.

I have seen a stronger fortalice carried in a summer evening.

In a little time your wrist will be stronger and your cut more shrewd.

Also it is a notice to the gods of the enemy that theirs is the stronger god, and to beware.

Unless the enemy possesses a stronger Medicine, this makes one safe.

It's an all-day process of the stronger annihilating the weaker.