Structures [noun]

Definition of Structures:

makeup, form

Synonyms of Structures:

Opposite/Antonyms of Structures:

Sentence/Example of Structures:

Poulson mentions the loss of three structures between 1776 and 1816.

Waggons were drawn along with masques upon ships and other structures.

Nor could the structures upon it have shut any large object from his view.

What may be the functional importance of either of these structures we know not.

Hexanephric: with six kidneys, or structures serving as such.

Supernumerary: additional or added cells, veins or other structures.

"I built these structures with hurricanes in view," he said.

Lumber was almost unobtainable so these structures were largely of logs.

There were no bright spots of color as there were on all Earthly and Venerian structures.

All the structures, as Mr. Norton had said, were of only one story.