Strumming [verb]

Definition of Strumming:


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Sentence/Example of Strumming:

Glory was strumming on the door and singing to drown his voice.

Mishka had opened the clavichord and was strumming on it with one finger.

Sydney was strumming over a new song which stood upon the piano.

And even when she does, is strumming on the piano going to help her?

Sard, strumming a few chords on the piano, looked thoughtfully at her aunt.

Verse after verse the voice grew louder and the strumming faster.

Fancy being in the room with her while she was strumming about and hunting after her chord!

George, much pleased with the compliment, goes on strumming louder than ever.

I got up and walked slowly to the harpsichord, at which Hubert was lolling and strumming.

It was Mapfarity's bass, strumming irritation deep in his chest.