Strumpet [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Strumpet:

Public opinion is a strumpet, and posterity a piece of nonsense.'

You are a strumpet's daughter, my dear; you must be a strumpet yourself, if you wish to be anything.

The father shall to prison; the mother and her strumpet daughter to the pillory!

The dog has sworn to take Arbe and give it to that Magyar strumpet of his, Yaga.

The ban's Magyar strumpet was set where the ban had sworn to set her.

Your unseasonable Thankfulness has rob'd us of our Strumpet.

If a woman be a strumpet, must it needs follow that she has a foul smell?

Did you know about that strumpet, Liz Trott, before you married her son?

The scoundrel who had spoken of his niece as if she were a strumpet must die.

May the flames of St. Anthony consume me if you do not come with us, strumpet!