Strung [verb]

Definition of Strung:

bring into harmony

Synonyms of Strung:

Opposite/Antonyms of Strung:





Sentence/Example of Strung:

Yet there was a nameless air of preparation in the room, as if it were strung up for an occasion.

Yet if I had caught him again I would have strung him up to the first limb.

It had been strung by some of the asylum attendants and was a private wire.

The bards had strung their harps, and began the song of death.

It doesn't amuse me to be strung up and cut down and strung up again.

His nerves were strung, and seemed as though they were held in a vice.

Which it's themselves, not the professor, they'd oughter've strung up.

She was restless and her nerves were strung to a great tension.

The Jews were winding up their affairs, Israel was strung to fever pitch.

They strung a lot of side-show banners too, and built lemonade-stands in the shrubbery.