Strutted [verb]

Definition of Strutted:

walk pompously

Synonyms of Strutted:

Opposite/Antonyms of Strutted:



Sentence/Example of Strutted:

Turkey Buzzard put it on and strutted up and down the forest.

They strutted and bragged as if the millions were already theirs.

It was of no consequence to me that he strutted about in my feathers.

My brother Joe felt mighty big after freedom and strutted about.

The proud warriors, despising any menial employment, strutted about with lordly air.

The Marquis might have been forgiven if, in the midst of the cheering, he had strutted a bit.

And Silly Will strutted off down the road feeling very smart.

And the man, with the mien of a cock, threw out his chest and strutted on.

He strutted, posed, and smirked in a way highly offensive to the other men.

He squared off, and strutted up and down the little boudoir.