Strutting [verb]

Definition of Strutting:

walk pompously

Synonyms of Strutting:

Opposite/Antonyms of Strutting:



Sentence/Example of Strutting:

One of the duties of these strutting heroes was to maintain silence.

Manager Strutt, and Manager Butt, were strutting and butting each other.

See, the inspector is strutting just below us in the smithy.

My vanity did not express itself in strutting or wagging the head.

He has a kind of strutting dignity, and is tall by walking on tiptoe.

"Well, it's a corker till you get used to it," said the Robin, strutting about.

You amused the neighbors because you thought you were strutting, while you really weren't.

He swelled a little with the strutting spirit of the mating male.

Strutting stagily, he chants, "You're quite the fellow doncher know."

Of course the Kaiser was there, strutting about and trying to patronize everybody.