Stub [noun]

Definition of Stub:

stumpy end

Synonyms of Stub:

Opposite/Antonyms of Stub:


Sentence/Example of Stub:

The ground is frozen hard; we stub our toes on the frozen ruts in the road.

There was nothing left of the fingers but the stub of one, and the thumb!

Clean the stub of the post thoroughly and also clean the inside of the post builder.

He took the stub of a lead pencil from the pocket of his shirt.

When you stub your toe while walking, you tend to fall forward.

When you stub your toe, you have to run forward to keep from falling.

His stub of a tail jerked spasmodically, in its struggle to wag.

Cheyenne pinched out the fire in his cigarette and flipped the stub away from him.

The other boy lighted a fresh one from the stub of the last.

We examine carefully to see that no stub of nail is left in.