Stubble [noun]

Definition of Stubble:

facial hair on human

Synonyms of Stubble:

Opposite/Antonyms of Stubble:


Sentence/Example of Stubble:

The vast host shall be to us, he cried, as "stubble is to fire."

All up the Valley the drums' rattle drowned the drone of the locusts in the stubble.

One position held by Austrians for hours was in a stubble field.

Shrieking, I hurled free of him, and rolled over the tail-board on to the stubble.

And he had been as stubble before the wind—as chaff that the storm carrieth away!

All round and between the inn and the road was short grass and stubble.

He rasped the stubble on his chin; his eyes were bland, his voice smooth as cream.

In places the forest was afire, in others the stubble of the field.

A stubble of black beard covered his face and his hands were black and grimy.

Then he quarters the stubble, and nothing clear of shelter escapes him.