Stubbled [adjective]

Definition of Stubbled:

having facial hair

Synonyms of Stubbled:

Opposite/Antonyms of Stubbled:


Sentence/Example of Stubbled:

Parks unbuttoned his collar and rubbed his stubbled chin unhappily.

He rubbed his chin, which was stubbled with almost invisible whiskers.

It was a pale, drawn face, stubbled with beard, and its eyes were wild.

"Still working on that idea of his," Malley said, rubbing his stubbled chin.

Standing on tiptoe, she pressed her lips to his stubbled chin.

I weighed it as I strayed and stubbled about the benighted Heath.

David hastened to overtake him, and soon caught sight of the bent figure walking slowly over the stubbled field.

She heard Mac spit, looked at him running his fingers along his stubbled jaw.

In the fog, Ross stumbled in a shallow ditch beyond which lay a stubbled field.

His eyes were moist, and they blinked for a moment; then a slow, happy grin spread over his stubbled face.