Stubbly [adjective]

Definition of Stubbly:

having facial hair

Synonyms of Stubbly:

Opposite/Antonyms of Stubbly:


Sentence/Example of Stubbly:

The palm of his hand rasped a stubbly chin as he looked askance at me.

It seemed an age while I was crossing the short, stubbly grass of the Meadows.

He was a little man, all muscles and hands and feet, with a gray-red, stubbly beard.

"That's right," agreed the older man, rubbing his stubbly beard with his hand.

The stubbly chins were all smooth, and that makes a great difference.

The man smiled as he ran a hand over his stubbly two-day-old beard.

His face was pale, haggard and, like the Aztec crewmen's, covered with stubbly beard.

Sprawled on the bed, fully clothed was a man with a stubbly beard.

"No more blinkin' camps for me," said the man with the stubbly chin.

"But watch this ruddy cow," broke in the man with the stubbly chin.