Stucco [noun]

Definition of Stucco:

thick, gooey material that hardens

Synonyms of Stucco:

Opposite/Antonyms of Stucco:


Sentence/Example of Stucco:

Some ornaments of stucco and fragments of mosaic-work are yet to be seen.

In the place of a stucco colonnade, one of polished granite was to be erected.

The stucco has only been employed to the right and left of the principal chamber.

In two graves the bodies were covered with a layer of stucco plaster.

The ceiling of the room No. 2, carved in stucco, is worthy of the paintings.

Leaving the subject of floors, we must next treat of stucco work.

The stucco will thus present a faultless appearance for paintings.

Burnt ochre, which is very serviceable in stucco work, is made as follows.

Stucco work is nothing new, and if it is well done, it is lasting.

The sculpture, stripped of its stucco surface, is rude but often impressive.