Stuck [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Stuck:

There he stuck, and it stood to reason that he could not win.

Her fingers were stiff, but so was her will: the way she stuck to her work was pathetic.

As he clapped his legs to the horse's back he stuck his knife into the Potawatami.

Didn't he break Fisher-didn't he break every other man that ever stuck to him?

If he were as clever as he is honest, he wouldn't have been stuck with a horse like Lauzanne.

Finally he suggested that if Timmins was "no stuck on his Methodisticals," he might join the kirk.

Only the point of it stuck up; the rest was clipped as clean as a rat-terrier's.

He would have stuck that officer like a pig if he had seen him then.

And he touched a long book that stuck out of his breast-pocket.

I stuck to it that we occupied that position, and had the right to choose pistols.